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searching for VR HCL fic... [25 May 2015|09:11pm]

Hello... not sure if this LJ is still active... but looking for a great HCL fic. My Xmarks cloud backup of my bookmarks imploded from multiple duplicates while syncing. Now I can't find the bookmark or the story. It may have been a HCL crossover with eXistenZ (?).

The story is set post-HCL/post-Joe's suicide. Billy, grief-stricken and angsty, finds a virtual reality gaming loft where (using personal mementoes like photos) the VR tech guy creates a VR!Joe that Billy can interact with. VR!Joe can't talk and isn't completely like real!Joe, but Billy is told the game character accuracy will increase the more Billy "plays" with VR!Joe. So he does...

big spoilers, including the endingCollapse )

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think maybe the story was unavailable last time I read it, but I think I used the Internet Way Back Machine to find it again. It was not on LJ or a major archive, as I recall. Even a non-working bookmark would be great; I'll just use the Way Back Machine again.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Also, if this is not the right place to find long lost HCL fics, please let me know where I should and I will delete this post.
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Hard Core Logo Vid [08 Apr 2012|05:06pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Title: Ugly
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Song: Ugly
Artist: The Exies
Vidder: how_obscure

Vid available here at my journal.

Cross-posted lots of places. Sorry if I spam your flist!

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fic: a glorified screw [02 Jul 2011|01:12am]

Title: A Glorified Screw (or: Five Times Joe Kissed Billy, and One Time Billy Kissed Joe).
Author: swear_jar
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/character(s): Joe/Billy
Warning: Canonical fucking amounts of swearing and offensiveness.
Notes: 16k words. Beta by apiphile (thank you for putting up with my bulltwaddle and hyphens). Title from “One Crowded Hour” by Augie March.
Summary: At least six kisses, a whole lotta love and a considerable amount of blood.

( Read more... )
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Auf Wiedersehen, Joe [26 Apr 2011|09:45am]

I made a Joe-centric HCL vid over the weekend and thought I would share it here.

Song: Auf Wiedersehen
Artist: Anthrax

It's at my journal.
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New Story: "Deadmonton" by Salieri [14 Apr 2011|08:42am]

Author: Salieri (troyswann)
Title: Four Times Hard Core Logo Played Deadmonton and One Time They Didn't
Length: ~4000w
Rating: PG for language
Genre: 5 Things, aaaaaangst
Summary: From back when to the end.
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fic: To Tell the Truth (Hard Core Logo) [17 Feb 2011|04:14pm]

Hello, kind people. AU genderswapped fic be here.

Fic: To Tell the Truth (Or: Five Ways Genderswapping Billy and Joe Might or Might Not Change Their Story)
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Pairing: Billy/Joe (Billie/Jo)
Betareader: exeterlinden, full of \o/, who smote my botched transitions and unjustified time shifts and pushed me to think through my story on a deeper level than I otherwise would've.
Rating: R for language and sex
Warnings: Possibly triggery stuff related to pregnancy, also canon violence, references to rape and dubcon and HCL-level uses of the word 'fuck.'
Length: About 3000 words.
Summary: Tonight they're going to do something they've never ever done before: they're going to tell the fucking truth.

It's about lies you tell to live and the truth you tell when everything ends and it's not pretty at all and tonight they're going to show what it looks like.
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Snippet: "Hard Core Logo: Where the Peace Is" by Salieri [27 Jan 2011|11:50am]

Title: Hard Core Logo: Where the Peace Is
Warnings/rating: PG. It's a downer. But that's HCL, yeah? Post movie.
Characters: Pipe, Billy
Summary: Billy signs the paperwork and picks up the paper bag with Joe's stuff in it, the black coat, the boots, the Motherfucker hat.
Notes: I asked people to give me a character and I would write something about that character's hero. spuffyduds asked for Joe Dick.
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HELP ME. PLEASE. [31 Dec 2010|02:46am]

I come to you all in a pathetic state of desperation.  I have an HCL soundtrack question.  

So, you know the scene where Billy's walking along and is later joined by Pipe and Billy is all like, "Joe, fuck head that he is, partied with Thelma and Louise last night and they fucked off with all our cash." And then Pipe steals his cigarette?? Okay, well there's this incredibly kick ass song playing when Billy is first walking along and I've listened to the soundtrack about five thousand times and it's not on there.  I'm pretty sure Bruce mentions in the commentary that it's by some British band but he can't remember what it's called. 

So my question is, what's the song called and who's it by?? If you know, pleeeaaaseeee tell me.  I HAVE TO KNOW.  

Thanks lol. 
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Michael Turner blogs about Hard Core Logo 2 [09 Dec 2010|05:04pm]

When word of a sequel to the film Hard Core Logo was making the rounds, a common response was this: How do you make a sequel after the lead character (“Joe Dick”) has killed himself? Not the first thing that popped into my head, but one that told me a lot about what those who enjoyed the first film expected of the second.

He discusses the overall premise and plot a bit, but only at a very high level, and I would not consider this spoilery. YMMV, and all that.
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Join the due South/Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang! [08 Dec 2010|05:51pm]

big bang banner

Guess what?

The due South/Canadian Six Degrees Big Bang sign-ups are open til December 31st, 2010 11:59 Chicago time.

* Want to write? There is a 20,000 word count minimum. We know it looks intimidating, but you'll have all of 7 months to finish.
* Is fanart your thing? Bring your podfic/fanmixing/icon-making/fanart-creating skills with you.
* Do you want to participate but don't know what else is there to do? Come on down and be a cheerleader, beta or other type of volunteer.

This is a kickass challenge and it would be tremendously awesome to see as many branches of the C6D fandom as possible. If you're looking for more info or have any questions, click right here. Oh, and if you're wondering about this whole C6D business, you might want to check this entry out.
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C6D Midsummer Fic Exchange - Sign-ups open! [25 May 2010|02:43am]


Sign-ups are now open for this year's Midsummer C6D fic exchange of awesome! Click here for more details and information on how to throw your name into the ring. Sign-ups are open until June 1st, with fics due August 1st. Come and play, we'd love to have you!
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Old Hard Core Logo site [19 May 2010|12:16am]


Maybe I'm the last one aware, but...

the old Hard Core Logo site is resuscitated!
I don’t know since when? but it disappeared several years ago, as good things sometimes do, and is now available again through the Wayback machine.

More about this here.
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Two short fics [14 May 2010|02:07am]

These are two short fics that I wrote for pacifi_cant  a little while ago. I've cleaned them up a bit and posted them here at my journal.

Title: Too Drunk
Pairing: Joe/Billy pre-slash
Rating: PG
Billy'd been leaning on Joe through most of the Shits' concert, with his hot face pressed against Joe's shoulder. He's had at least a couple of beers since then, by the looks of it.

Title: A Spoonful of Sugar
Pairing: Joe/Billy implied
Rating: PG
Summary: "William, you are too good to me."

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Kenneth Joyce... Pipefitter [02 Apr 2010|12:07am]

[ mood | happy ]

So, on Tuesday, my psychopathology in film class was watching The Accused which revolves around a gang rape trial. Well, there was this college frat boy who was a key witness...his voice was so...unique. And I instantly had to think of him as a sweet and good guy. Then it dawned on me--he's Pipefitter from Hard Core Logo! Low and behold, he was! And he was a good-enough character.

So, this caused another viewing of Hard Core Logo. As much as I love Joe and Billy, I have to love Pipe just as much. I can't help but call him "sweet" in the film. Not sure why.

Pictures to Prove it!Collapse )

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Hard Core Logo recs [30 Mar 2010|10:18pm]

I just finished my run reccing HCL fics at crack_van and posted them over here. 24 stories, and 3 vid recs. All HCL, all the time. Come check them out.
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Icons [28 Jan 2010|12:47am]

[16] CKR from Dennys Ilic Photoshoot
[12] Hard Core Logo


The rest here @ my journal.
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[podfic: Destination by spuffyduds, hard core logo, billy/joe] [20 Jan 2010|09:58pm]

Title: Destination
Author: spuffyduds
Read by: sionnain
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Pairing: Billy/Joe
Rating: R
Warnings: (as written by the author) Dark, truly. SpoilersCollapse )

AN: For spuffyduds, for More Joy Day! This is one of my most favorite fics, and I hope I did it any sort of justice. :)

Download: Destination (M4a file)
Destination (MP3)
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[fanvid: bad romance (hard core logo, billy/joe) ] [07 Jan 2010|12:12pm]

Title: Bad Romance
Vidder: Sionnain
Fandom: Hard Core Logo
Pairing: Billy/Joe
Song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
Warnings: Spoilers for the film.
Download: Bad Romance. (This is not the best quality .avi that I have--that I need to upload from work, which I am not at today, as it's a snow day for me!)

VN: I tried to do a few things here--capture Joe's frantic energy with a lot of motion, for one, and how things fall apart at the end. Again, feedback is <3, as I'm very new to this! Still finding my style and so forth.

Bad Romance
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Hard Core Logo icons [31 Dec 2009|10:56pm]

Total of 44 Hard Core Logo icons (Billy x 30, Joe x 11, Billy/Joe x 3)


In the end, it's love...
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Ficlet [07 Dec 2009|11:04am]

Here's a wee HCL ficlet (249 words) done for ds_snippets, for the prompts of "glint" and "skirmish."

Fight Noise
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